Kills Birds releases their cutting new single “Glisten” [Video]

Kills Birds new single “Glisten” oozes with so much potency and speaks to the truth of the phrase, "love is blind." The track narrates caring so deeply for people that only care about themselves. The hard-hitting rock arrangements paired with wrathful vocals create a gritty and gripping listen.  Vocalist Nina Ljeti sings of the worst kind of betrayal, and that heated emotion is deeply felt in every word. “Is it something I did/ why don’t you love me/ why don’t you want me?”

The accompanying video evokes vibes as dark as the song’s sentiment. Through distorted depictions of the band and imagery of eyes up close, the visuals are rich with intensity. The shot of a hand sliding down the screen feels like a representation of what was once there now slipping away. Both the video and track are so powerful and raw.

The Los Angeles-based rock outfit is known for their haunting sound, and this recent single has that same eerie presence. While some sections are more in your face, other parts have a somewhat soothing quality. Guitarist Jacob Loeb shares, "Glisten was written to kind of feel like water. The chorusing, arpeggiating guitar melodies and the rolling, steadily intensifying rhythm section throughout the verse are meant to kind of create a sensation of floating in a river—like being gently lead by a force of nature that lures you somewhere turbulent and dangerous—the chorus with its angular, sharp and aggressive instrumentation."

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