Kings Cvstle and Paradox’s “F.T.S” goes against the powers that be [Video]

Kings Cvstle is an East London duo made up of twin brothers Peter and Daniel King. The duo has teamed up with fellow rapper Paradox for their new single “F.T.S” which is an acronym for “Fuck The System”. The title says it all and sees the trio share their grievances with the way they feel the government is run.

“F.T.S” is crafted by Kings Cvstle’s own Daniel King who makes use of a sparse drum arrangement, an ominous synth-like stab, and eerie textures. The formula is simple, powerful performances, hard-hitting rhymes, and a serviceable backdrop to complete the job. The focus should be placed on each emcee as they give their own account of what they are giving the system the proverbial shaft. Topics ranging from racism, discrimination, and the struggle of the everyday man pepper the track as it makes it way to the four-minute mark.

The visuals are particularly striking with its dark aesthetics and visual story-line that dwells on inequality, rebellion, and motivation all at once. The progression used here is well-paced and the twist at the middle part also adds to the intensity.

Get “F.T.S” on all DSPs here.

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