Kit Major delivers nostalgic track “God Complex”

LA pop talent Kit Major delivers anthemic number “God Complex,” nestled within her signature blend of alt-pop and pop-punk, with a grungy rock edge. Carried by her bold vocals laid over catchy guitar riffs, the track is rimmed with nostalgia.

Reminiscent of Y2K icons like Avril Lavigne, The Veronicas, and Paramore, the infectious number is understated yet theatrical in its arrangement, crafting a soundscape that’s perfect to jam to while still swirling with a soothing touch.

With an addictive melody that pulls us in, “God Complex,” serves as an enticing peek at her forthcoming debut album Vampire Saturday. Having dropped one earworm release after another in the past year, Kit Major who has built a fanbase with her personable pop-punk sensibilities spanning everything from mental health to self-discovery, is gearing up to offer us yet another safe space we can escape to within music on her debut full-length.


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