KIT says you “Act Like a Child” in latest single

KIT is the latest project from Katie Wighton of the Australian group All Out Exes Live In Texas. In writing her forthcoming self-titled EP, Wighton was inspired by complex emotion, and her second single “You Act Like a Child” is a heartfelt exploration of vulnerability wrapped up in bold indie rock goodness.

The track kicks off with sweet guitars that compliment Wighton’s smooth but emotive vocals.  Driving drums kick the track into high gear and layers of rock heavy riffs build before a buoyant turn around sends the track into a satisfying and optimism soaked  dimension.

Lyrically, the track explores the need for open communication and understanding in a strained relationship. Speaking on the track Wighton says:  “I had a particularly hectic argument with a friend and it got me thinking about the things we do and say in the heat of the moment. We act like children sometimes. We throw fits of rage and then when we’re asked if we’re okay we are too full of pride to say we’re hurting…I want us all to do better.. Be wrong. Be sorry. Swallow our pride and our egos and ask for closeness.” 

For more emotional vulnerability and catchy melodies, be sure to check out KIT’s forthcoming self-titled album out November 13th.

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