KIT won’t be fooled by your “Good Guy” act [Video]

One-fourth of Australia’s All Our Exes Live In Texas, KIT (Katie Wighton) recently released her debut solo release, “Good Guy”. In what is a gritty, guitar-led anthem, co-written with fellow Australian artist Ali Barter (also featured on backing vocals), KIT’s new single is a sharp, hard-hitting track with a vital message that explores the notion of every guy who has ever gotten away with bad behavior in the past.

There is a long and specific story behind the creation of the song, however, KIT was tired of hearing sad songs by incredible women about other remarkable women who were wronged. KIT just wanted to get mad about it. The chorus in the song is kind of a G-rated, featuring lyrics like “fuck the patriarchy”, and one of the lyrics is “it’s bigger than us both”, which is left up to interpretation by the listener.

The clip for “Good Guy” reinforces the message behind the track and the song kind of alludes to the experience of someone seeming like a lovely person at first and lulling you into a semi-false sense of security, then they do something shit and you’re all confused.

“Good Guy” is different from the previous folk style of All Our Exes Live In Texas that KIT’s fans are used to, however, Good Guy is a melting pot of influences with more rocky, raw sounds than ever before.

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