Kitty emits pure pop girl energy on "Sugar & Spice"

After first exploding onto our radar with the sugary "Heart on Crack," Parisian-Welsh pop artist Kitty returns with the addictive "Sugar & Spice." Coating our ears with infectious pop beats and sultry vocals, Kitty's ability to emit pop dreaminess in just over three minutes is not only heavenly, but pure godly. 

Released alongside a self-directed video, "Sugar & Spice" delves into the softer pond of hyperpop to showcase her stellar songwriting and glossy creativity. Providing heavy Y2K vibes, the single glimmers in digital-era waters and makes you want to buy a flip phone and shout "ugh, as if" to every boy ever.

Twinkling with sultry vocals and lyrics detailing the yearning for someone, the track's effortless flows and melody lines craft an intricate single laced with the elegance of bittersweet pop. "I wrote this song about missing the sexual connection from an ex-lover", she continues. "When you're smart enough to realise why they're no longer in your life but you want them in your bed, just one last time." We feel you.

Working alongside creative partner Dejan Visser, Kitty tells us,' "Sugar & Spice'was the first song that Dejan and myself made together and we were like, 'Damn, this is what pure pop music sounds like.' The melodies were so infectious and it had that main pop girl energy that we grew up listening to, whilst still having an edge and our French touch."

Kitty's climb up the hyperpop mountain sees her almost reaching the summit. Finding her craft alongside titans like Charli XCX, Dorian Electra and Kim Petras is no easy journey, but Kitty is on her way to success. Counting these pacemakers as key influences, it's almost guaranteed that Kitty will be your new favourite pop star.

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