Kodin Hill shares emphatic new single “Bucket List!”

Hailing from Malta, Kodin Hill has released his latest single Bucket List!”—a track filled with ambitious sound, drill-like drums, and bass-heavy subs that pack a massive punch. The track reflects on a wide range of unique stylistic flows and melodies gathered from multiple genres including hardcore metal bands.  

Music has always been a portal of understanding for Kodin Hill, through listening or creating it, he feels that he is in a safe space. Throughout Bucket List!” Kodin’s music clearly aims to put the listener in the same positions he experienced when writing this song – whether they are being misunderstood, addicted to any substance or they simply want F.S.U. Speaking on the new single, Kodin Hill writes “this song is for the rebels at heart, the ones that live the life THEY want to live, the ones that surge to break limits and don’t conform to social structures.. bitch this is my Bucket List!”

“Bucket List!” Is out now on all streaming platforms. 

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