Komodos deliver gritty alt-rock anthem number “Orpheus (Let It Burn)”

Brooklyn garage rock act Komodos  share gritty alt-rock anthem “Orpheus (Let It Burn),” from their forthcoming debut EP K.O., hinged on foreboding basslines and soaring guitars blended with layers of electric guitars and clouds of percussion. Offering up a contemporary retelling for the Orpheus myth, the slow-burn number is filled with a triumphant yet melancholy vibe.

An ode to the pitfalls of the police state and impact on deep personal trauma, the track is infused with a mix of syrupy rock instrumentation with nuances of distorted post-punk, framed by themes that comes across subdued and impassioned all at once.

Speaking of the single, vocalist Taran Dugal said, “We recorded “Orpheus (Let It Burn)” live in our apartment studio and cut it straight from the floor—the track is a natural result of our free-form, collaborative writing process. The song originated from a forgotten voice memo and went through a handful of iterations before it became what it is now. This final version owes its psychedelic undertones to the magic of our producer Max Harwood (Lewis Del Mar); he really helped transform it in a fundamental way.”

Establishing themselves with versatile artistry, the quintet who have found a place for themselves in NYC’s rock and roll scene, are set to deliver four sweeping tracks that strike a balance between timeless and modern as they bring a splash of their own color to the genre.

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