Konquest joins forces with Toka Hyrule and The MDz on “Vampire Rave”

Los Angeles-based rapper Konquest releases a horrifying Halloween party anthem inspired by “rave-hungry” vampires featuring Toka Hyrule and The MDz on his new single “Vampire Rave.” From his new album Paranormal Raptivity, Konquest combines hip-hop and horror through fright-filled sonics and pop culture parallels.

Toka Hyrule and The MDz join Konquest, adding layers of personality and diverse flow to the up-tempo party track. “Vampire Rave” features gothic, operatic backup vocals and dark, industrial electronics. Konquest glamorizes his exclusive, monstrous hang as he growls, “The more you run, the more I wanna bite you / Vampire party and I didn’t invite you.” With cutting-sharp flow and vivid, characterized personalities, Konquest, The MDz and Toka Hyrule create an immersive party atmosphere that will leave you feeling haunted.

Konquest grew up in Inglewood, California where he fell in love with music through competitive freestyle battles. He soon began releasing mixtapes and albums that circulated throughout the underground hip-hop scene. Paranormal Raptivity is Konquest’s horror concept album, but he’s always dreamt of merging horror and hip-hop through his music, further stating, “If you go back and listen to my past content, it can be realized that I was eventually going to lead up to diving full throttle into the Horror world. After putting on hundreds of shows, I decided to stop trying to please everybody. I decided to just make music for people who are like me.” Check out “Vampire Rave” by Konquest and slip into a bloodthirsty night of terror.

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