KSHMR releases summer anthem "Ready To Love" via Dharma Worldwide

Marking the first single after the release of his debut studio album Harmonica Andromeda, KSHMR returns with a bright, buoyant summer anthem "Ready To Love".  A long-awaited ID that has graced his live sets for years, the track is available now via Dharma Worldwide and Spinnin’ Records

The track opens with warm, welcoming guitar strums and an uplifting vocal treatment. Saxophone melodies lead the production through an eclectic array of electronic elements built over a foundation bouncing basslines. Produced alongside friend and collaborator Sam Feldt, his influence can be heard across the latest single’s dynamics and details.  

'"Ready To Love" is a track I’ve wanted to release for a long time," he says. "It started with the incredible vocal by August Grant, then I got my friend Nathan to play the sax, which took it to a new level. Sam Feldt added production and finally, after years of tweaking the song is ready to come out.".

The festival-ready anthem comes at the perfect time in the advent of the return of live events, and is surely set to be a prominent highlight as KSHMR resumes his rounds on the festival circuit. KSHMR recently debuted his first ever NFT auction via Origin Protocol and unveiled the deluxe edition of his Harmonica Andromeda album.

As a solo artist, he’s established a leading label and brand Dharma Worldwide and headlined major festivals across the globe including Coachella, Tomorrowland, Ultra Japan, Sunburn India. "Ready To Love" is available via Dharma Worldwide and Spinnin’ Records.

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