KTJ & CARLY drop their elevated euro-dance hit, “Taboo”

Powerful pop twins KTJ & CARLY have teamed up with electronic music producer Oli Harper for a fierce and fiery collaboration. The colorful electro single, “Taboo,” tells a scandalous tale of forbidden love. Through hypnotic, vibrating beats and the duo’s signature harmonies, you are instantly swept up by this bold tune. The energetic, pulsating piece is the ultimate summer dance sensation. They passionately sing, “This tension it pulls/ I’m playing the fool/and you don’t want to hear me say it too/ this love is taboo.” Within those lines you can really sense that intensity of a back and forth friction. 

British producer Oli Harper is known for his myriad of amazing releases. Working with prominent talents such as Mickey Shiloh and Krysta Youngs, he has made a name for himself in the dance scene. KTJ & CARLY has also made a splash with their fresh and intoxicating offerings like “Cherry Coke” and Rollercoaster." Now Harper joins forces with the twosome on this soaring single and he has created the ideal backdrop for the release. All about an eagerness and desire lingering within, it is a seductive song you are sure to lust after.

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