KUNI Shares fothcoming EP track “Sleep Baby”

Italian musician Kuni has released her first song taken from her forthcoming debut EP: “Sleep Baby”, a nostalgic, dreamy indie-pop lullaby that’s full of elegant vocals and pristine timeless melodies. The project created by twenty-nine year old musician, Eleonora Danese, was named ‘Kuni’ after one of the main characters from well-known video game Tekken and it’s main character Kunimitsu.

Always having fantasy stories, diaries and other types of written materials, Danesehe had a hard time approaching the form of a song. Though this changed during her high school years when she found herself in a punk-rock band in high school and started studying guitar and bass. Kuni wrote her first songs in 2019, and they felt like a well-balanced combination of her artistic influences, putting together sad lyrics, sweet melodies and punk-rock aspirations. 

Speaking on the long creative process behind her new sound she writes,  “All of my songs were born out of a few or many tries at the piano. I sit, I play for a while looking for the chords that sound the best for me, and then I improvise some lyrics that sooner or later becomes the one that stays. The same happened with “Sleep Baby”. I was playing and started to hum around with the word “baby”. I found the main melody and first verses and once I saw that they worked on the chords, I went out on the balcony and sent a voice memo to Pietro on WhatsApp singing them. He gave me the thumbs up so I went back inside and finished it.” 

Sleep Baby is out now on all streaming platforms. 

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