Kylin Tyce’s “Do Your Thing” EP is the perfect summer soundtrack

Kylin Tyce has joined the Tesselate crew to release a feel-good, four-track EP. Do Your Thing blends elements of UKG with house to bring a selection of cheerful 2-step cuts to the table. It’s equal parts classy and fun – the perfect mix for chilling.

Title track “Do Your Thing” sets the tone for the rest of the EP. Lively percussion, mellow but uplifting vocals and just the right amount of wobble in the bass make this one a certified summer anthem. We might not be able to enjoy a beer in the garden with our mates just yet, but once we can, this one’s straight to the top of the playlist. “Further South” sweeps us into a deep rolling groove, with a sax line sweet enough to transport us to the happiest of memories. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood with tracks like this to soundtrack your day.

“Thinkin'” is nostalgia-invoking UKG at its best. Elevated melodies, simple vocals and that standout “oldskool” sound make it a track to remember. Tyce’s extensive musical knowledge really shines through with this one; he’s got his sound down to a tee, and this is the release we all needed in the current climate. Perception‘s remix of “Thinkin'” rounds off the EP. A completely fresh take on the track, Perception lends snippets from the original’s vocals and combines them with sharp percussion to produce something entirely different, yet just as enjoyable.

Do Your Thing can be streamed via Soundcloud and purchased via Juno Records.

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