LA act JVNA takes a deep dive into emotions on ‘Hope In Chaos’

Los Angeles artist JVNA draws us into her life spanning everything from loss to lust in a deeply personal debut album Hope In Chaos, a collection of 12 tracks that hops from pop to rock in a seamless blend. Covering darkness and light in sonics that are bass-heavy yet gently melodic, JVNA combines her penchant for electronic music with emotive themes for a transportive journey.

The album begins with the ominous build of “Chaos,” which sets the tone of the first half of the production pushing slowly and painfully through grief carried by cinematic sonics. From an exploration of deep longing and lose love on “Where You Are,” to the haunting feel of “Ghost,” JVNA brings out the bass elements of the soundscape with perfect control. Moving into the sultry vibes of lust-driven stand-out track “Sins,” the album steps out of heartbreak into healing on “Hope.”

Indeed, things do get hopeful from here onwards as JVNA makes it a point to touch on good times amidst the bad. Taking a moment to celebrate the positives in a painful relationship on “At Least It Was Fun,” to the feel-good electro stylings of “Dystopia,” the album treads confidently towards catharsis as it soars toward epilogue “Fly,” closing out on an optimistic note that gives us something to hold onto when things get rough.

On her latest foray framed by meaningful contemplations and atmospheric instrumentals, the California-based singer-songwriter zeros in on the dichotomy of her artistry which feels carefully crafted yet explosively organic. From studying classical piano aged six to penning her first songs at 11, JVNA tried a deep dive into emotions with her 2018 song “I’m With You,” inspired by her father’s death. Now, she builds on her versatility as she lets herself open up beyond the dance floor love songs that she’s so good at, giving us a glimpse of her full potential.

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