LA Parties debuts striking Alt-Rock sophomore single “Russian Doll”

After breaking onto the scene with his debut single “LA Parties,” Andy Gorel (AKA LA Parties) continues his sonic journey with “Russian Doll.” Available now on Amazon Music and Spotify, you can take a listen to the new track here and stream below.

Dating back to October of 2017, “Russian Doll” was the first song LA Parties wrote after experiencing a hand accident, leaving him to wonder if he’d ever play music again. With a guitar tuned to drop D, the “only way [he] was able to play chords at the time,” LA Parties bore “Russian Doll” from the ashes. A highly visceral rock composition, “Russian Doll” peels back its first shell after a quick sample of Call Of Duty’s classic Mystery Box sample. Sensational guitar riffs immediately swell, as LA Parties welcomes listeners with a gripping lyric singing “Nice to meet you.”

On its surface level, “Russian Doll” is classic rock meets post-punk, with a lick of romantic pop flair – yet the inspiration for the song comes from a much deeper place, and personal part of Gorel’s life. During his junior year of university at Drexel, Gorel found himself spending much time with a group of three women, where one of which wasn’t able to shake her shyness without alcohol. Reminiscing on the old flame of his, Gorel states, “She was such a nice girl and confided in me so many things, but once she was sober again, the layers went right back on. I was a little bothered by it, and said to myself ‘She’s like a Russian doll’.”

An anthem of empowerment and well deserved self confidence, “Russian Doll” is an ode to being human. Exploring themes of vulnerability and shameless self acceptance, the alternative rock anthem is one for the books.

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