La2us share zany visuals for "FunkaDelicacy" [Video]

"FunkaDelicacy" is a retro funk-house record by emerging indie duo La2us who caught our eyes and ears with their eclectic and offbeat style. Helmed by singers D’usé Saida and lachaleur, the record sees them working with producer The Wav, who gifts them with a dreamy UK house/funk type soundscape. The result is a mix of soulful melodies and a Parliament-inspired hook that displays the duo's love for the funk genre. As the title suggests, it primarily deals with having fun while forgetting about your sorrows.

The visuals by Rov Productions are quite engaging and embody the hipster vibe to the fullest with its vintage 70s styled set pieces and costumes. The visual sees the duo travel back in time to the 70s with a heavy emphasis on the classic That 70's Show and Scooby-Doo cartoon series. There is a lot to unpack in this visual such as the seamless transition between scenes, VHS effects used to denote that bygone era, and the gaudy costumes that hit the mark.

La2us as a duo might be new on the scene but the respective members have their own music careers, and coming together sure brings something refreshing to the scene.

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