LAIKIPIA unveil their eclectic new album, 'All Hail Hyperion'

Dynamic duo LAIKIPIA provide listeners with a unique look into an imaginative universe with their latest album, All Hail Hyperion. Their artful storytelling illustrates a world worth visiting with themes of powerlessness, inspiration and anger. The tunes on the offering are so raw and authentic, creating a style outside of the normal polished radio hits. 

Setting the tone for the release is the intro named after the album itself. The chilling opener displays eerie vibes, showcasing organs and bongos. Chanting, “all hail Hyperion,” there is an intense power radiating throughout. Then there is “The Hits Keep Coming,” an irresistible track that details the many ways life can slap you in the face. Starting delicate and then working its way to a punchier chorus, that build perfectly fits with the song’s sentiment.  "Elephant Man" hypnotizes with its static arrangements and bold, passionate vocals. A warning of what could happen if mankind keeps destroying the world, this beautifully haunting track is something we all need to hear. The album as a whole possesses a feel so organic with instruments that evoke sounds of nature. There is a strong sense of healing that allows this release to peacefully wash over us. 

LAIKIPIA is an electronic music twosome comprised of Xander Rawlins and Taylor Harrison. Hailing from the UK, Rawlins is a singer-songwriter and producer who takes inspiration from his profound life experiences. Having spent time as a captain in the Grenadier Guards, it has really shaped him into who he is today. Harrison is a Los Angeles-native artist/producer and multi-instrumentalist with a love of fantasy and science fiction. Together they create the ultimate pair, resulting in colorful music that really resonates with fans. 

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