Lani Renaldo is fed up with all the “Love Games” in new single

Los Angeles based Lani Renaldo hits us with the facts in her sullen new single “Love Games.” She’s had enough of the players, the cheats and all the let downs from people who are in it for simply just the chase. “Love Games” is Renaldo’s own way of declaring that she will no longer have her emotions trampled on. Sharing her feelings of dissatisfaction and disappointment, the track is coated in luscious synthscapes and funk-fueled melodies. 

“Love Games” is off of Renaldo’s upcoming EP NOHEARTBREAK2020 – a collection of tracks written to be truly identifiable. With the desire to connect with listeners on a mutual level, the songwriter is creating music using her own experiences to show others that they are not alone. The EP covers all topics every 20-something year-old is longing to shine a light on. From love, romance, self-acceptance, sexuality and feminism, Renaldo wants to show people the normality of all these life hurdles.  

“Love Games” radiates elements of the likes of Drake, SOHN and H.E.R., giving off a sultry vibe, while presenting us with a resolute narrative. The singer shares in her press release, “This song is for 20 somethings that are transitioning and going through a new phase in their life.” We hear you Lani Renaldo and we thank you. 

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