Las Vegas lyricist Kazzy Chase shines on thrilling new EP ‘Gone Cunch’

Unless you’ve lived under a rock, then you’re well aware of the sonic invasion that has taken place over the last 12 months. Of course, I’m talking about America’s infatuation with U.K. Drill music. (Which technically derives from Chicago, but we’ll let that one simmer.) While the mainstream press notes that the movement was sparked by the late great, Pop Smoke, and his ascension, anybody with a Las Vegas area code is well aware that it’s been here longer than that. Hailing from Sin City, popular internet rapper, Kazzy Chase has been a proponent of the Drill sound and its U.K. community for at least half a decade now, and he doubles down on his infatuation with his scathing new EP, Gone Cunch

Clocking in at 7-tracks, Gone Cunch is the perfect introduction to Kazzy for those that may be unfamiliar. Known for his aggressive cadences and quirky wordplay, the EP is sample sized example of some of those qualities that have made him a Vegas staple. On the track, “Play This Song,” he showcases his impressive songwriting abilities, as he likens his journey back to Las Vegas after a long trip, to coming home to somebody you love back home. Conversely, on the outro, “Bad 4 Me,” he uses that same superpower to point the scope right back at himself. 

Other standouts from the project include the Dominic Fike-assisted, “I Know But IDK,” “Bobby Brown,” which features a cameo by Relax Rekords label mate, Kenny and, “99 Problems.” Produced by Ghosty, “99 Problems,” is vintage Kazz, as he and Big Homie Stone complete spazz out for 3-and-a-half minutes. Buoyed by scathing one-liners such as, “Big laps to the bank, don’t jog/Cash out with a play, no fraud,” and, “Got jumped, shot at, got stabbed and all, but still ain’t never been robbed. You ni%$as never been Shaq, your money ain’t never been tall,” respectively, the duo further proves their chemistry on this standout record. With Gone Cunch serving as the first installment of an impending trilogy, it’s safe to say that Kazzy Chase will be here for a while. 

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