Late Again discusses the perils of gentrification in “Caterpillars” [Video]

Brazilian born and Brooklyn based creator and dreampop meet electronic artist Late Again has just shared his latest single and music video. Entitled “Caterpillars”, the single follows this year’s release of a trio of singles that make up the EP collection called Migraine Fever Dream shared last month.

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With “Caterpillars”, Late Again composed a song based on construction noises he had to endure for two years. According to the press release, the block next to him was completely demolished to make room for a new skyscraper and the ensuing loud sounds prevented his sleep for two years. The song soon became a contemplation on the perils and chaos of gentrification and the story of one man trying to survive through it all while also being part of the issue. Lyrics that show this include, “Concrete, steel, sticks, and stones / A caterpillar shattered my bones / Convert my flesh to square feet.” Sonically, the track thrills with an invigorating mix of beats, otherworldly synths and elevated melodies. A mix of electronic, indie pop, and trip hop complete this unique and transformative musical journey. The accompanied music video is thrilling and cinematic. Directed by visionaries Gui Bohn and Nina Torres, the video shows people bowling against a utopian cityscape. With every game, the city begins to tremble and eventually crumble mirroring the dangers of over gentrification.

Late Again is a true artist in every sense of the word. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Mac Demarco, Gorillaz, Beach Fossils, Devendra Banhart, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Caetano Veloso, he creates his own unique and enticing musical world. Check out “Caterpillars” now and enjoy the ride.

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