$later 281 flexes his skills on "ThreeTwoOne"

Houston's $later 281 has come through with a new single called "ThreeTwoOne" which finds him showcasing his impressive technical rap skills over top of an ominous instrumental. Re-emerging on the music scene after taking a hiatus due to tribulations in his personal life, this latest single marks a triumphant return for the 21 year-old artist.

Chilling keys make up the core of "ThreeTwoOne"'s instrumental, which ring out over heavy drums to a hypnotic effect. Beneath, minimal, cathartic bass gives the track an engrossing groove, giving it much replay value. $later 281's vocal performance is a highlight on this song, as he comes through with some powerful, raw verses that keep us glued to the speakers. His formidable delivery is exciting, and his dynamic flows keep the listener guessing as to how he will flip each bar.

Considering that this is $later 281's first track after an extended break from music, he sounds as sharp and focused as ever. Picking up where he left off, he provides bristling, electric energy on "ThreeTwoOne" that makes it difficult to focus on anything else while listening. Hopefully this signals that a longer project could be in the works for $later 281, whose last project was 2020's Loading… EP. 

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