Latin girl group Bella Dose celebrate culture on versatile and empowering EP Suelta

Describing themselves as “fierce, ambitious, and goofy,” Latin girl group Bella Dose brings us into each and every story they weave within their music, making listeners a part of their cultural-infused musical journey. Previously establishing their prowess with English singles, their latest EP Suelta, sees the quartet consisting of Brianna, Jenni, Thais, and Melany, explore a wide range of Latin influenced genres, underpinned by emotive song writing.

At its heart, Suelta is a personal project brimming with equal amounts of introspection and sass. Speaking of the message behind the EP, Melany says, “The music we wrote in this EP came from first-hand experiences that we wanted to share in our music and have our fans relate to them. Each beat carries a different feeling and with everything we put together into this project, we really wanted people to feel what we were feeling while singing it.”

Moving seamlessly from bachata to dembow and Latin trap, the EP is undeniably a sonic treat but above all else it is a celebration of culture and heritage embedded in rich soundscapes. Brianna says, “I love to see other people celebrating their culture and I absolutely love learning more about different heritages. This celebration brings light to different traditions and uplifts your community so I would encourage every artist to celebrate their backgrounds.”

As an act who write their music in English and Spanish, Bella Dose are unafraid to lean into their cultural identity while also maintaining a sonic balance that wins hearts across the West. But being part of two distinct worlds is not without challenges – authenticity is key."We speak both languages but sometimes the Spanish will be Americanized while our English will sometimes have a hint of Spanish flavor to it," Thais says. "We sometimes find ourselves not knowing the Latin slang while only knowing how to say some words in Spanish rather than English,” adding, “When writing, we put ourselves in our fans shoes and try to make Spanish and English sound appealing and cool to both audiences.”

From the vulnerability of “She,” to the viral quality of “si me llamas,” the Floridian foursome have found a place in the hearts of music lovers across the globe with their catchy and versatile sound but are never content to rest. Working on music that is set to reveal new sides to their artistry, this promising group prove themselves to be the full package who engage the world with suave personas, lush sonics and eye-catching performance.

With their sight set on the BillBoard Hot 100 Chart, Bella Dose  deliver much-needed optimism with the message that “everything will fall into place,” through the fierce passion, carefully nurtured dreams and stunning culture nuances that stretch through their hopeful and relatable music.

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