Latir shares an ode to East London on “E1” [Video]

Latir’s new indie-R&B single “E1” is a musical journey inspired by his experiences of the streets surrounding Bethnal Green in London. The single features rolling basslines combined with Latir’s signature R&B vocals, which are elevated by a new, indie-driven approach.

The new single, “E1”, is an ode to the chaos and hustle of Bethnal Green, as Latir details his experiences of the area’s tower blocks, drug trade, market areas, and house parties. The single is a reflection of Latir’s pride in the area, and his love for the sounds and experiences that have shaped his musical journey.

Speaking on the inspirations and ideas behind E1, Latir writes “I moved to Bethnal Green in East London (Tower Hamlets/Hackney)in 2020 after growing up in North London, and this song details all the chaos I’ve witnessed on this side of the city. E1 (and E2) being the postcode for the infamous area. 

From the insane amount of tower blocks, to the overt usage and public trade of class A drugs, to the general hustle you see in and around the market areas, to every corner smelling like weed, to the boat owners on the canals, to the graffiti everywhere (some insanely good, some absolutely tragic), to the house parties that you can hear down the road… This song is an ode to all the above, and pridefully so.”

His unique sound is a result of the artist’s musical upbringing and his love for poetry and solo songwriting inspired by London-based R&B, US-based Alt-R&B, hip-hop, and classic jazz. “E1” is a departure from his previous sound, employing hazy guitars and rich textures over an R&B beat.

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