Laura Jinn releases hardcore tech-pop single “I’m driving to Target”

Brooklyn-based artist and producer Laura Jinn releases “I’m driving to Target” the second single from her forthcoming debut EP Sick! While written in 2019, the finalisation with co-producer Tatum Gale while quarantining perfectly reflects the mayhem, chaos and inherent comedy within the claustrophobia of this year. Much like the first single “Sick”, “I’m driving to Target” bridges the schism between emo and pop, self-described by Laura as “absurdist goth pop”.

“Im driving to Target” depicts the intoxicating experience of entering the consumer heaven flooded with pounding synth pads, high-tempo drumming and Laura’s playful vocals. The joking tone self-reflexively criticises our obsessive and compulsive habits while basking in the pleasure of abundance of choice. As she rolls up to the entrance of Target on a Summer day, the SFX build up explodes into a hardstyle electronic number, reflective of the sort of music you hope to dance to at a 4am rave. It can be said with certainty that Laura Jinn is pioneering a sound of her own in this number.

Her influences and inspirations are numerous, mainly reflective of the quirky movements in pop around the world at the moment blossoming with acts such as Grimes, MIA and FKA Twigs. As Laura continues to name the items she sees including lipstick, flip flops, heart-shaped earrings, crop tops, sterling silver and friendship bracelets, an accompanying harmony vocal distorts to a higher and higher pitch, enveloping the absurdity of our product havens. Notably, she self-mockingly sings before the drop “there’s nothing inside me that couldn’t use replacing…”

If the first two singles “Sick” and “I’m driving to Target” are anything to judge by, the full release of Laura’s debut EP Sick! is sure to be a whirlwind of sugared restlessness, high energy chaos and electronic madness. As far as Laura’s concerned, she’s not sick, but she’s not exactly well, either. 

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