Lauran Hibberd shares the tongue-in-cheek “Old Nudes”

Isle of Wight-native Lauran Hibberd‘s colourful brand of wildly relatable indie rock is fast catching ears and turning heads the world over. Clearly inspired by the poppier shades of Y2K-era rock, classic indie rock flavours see a contemporary update through her distinctly British lens. By virtue of her modern approach to songwriting, fans are in for a treat with Hibberd’s latest single “Old Nudes.”

Hibberd’s storytelling-style lyrics often paint a vivid picture of modern life, and “Old Nudes” is no different. “I wonder what he’s thinking about, I bet he’s running out of ways to tell everybody, That he has a dirty photo of me, And he’s stored it on his iPhone 3” she laments in the pre-chorus. A stripped-back introduction sets the humour for the tongue-in-cheek lyricism before a gritty guitar carries you into the indelible harmonies of the chorus. Addressing a specific, yet no doubt familiar set of circumstances, Hibberd elucidates on the track in the email press release, admitting that “is unfortunately based upon a true story. We’ve all been there right!?” 

“Old Nudes” is a masterfully executed and fun release that adds to an already stellar back catalogue from the dominating indie-rock songstress.

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