Laureli shares her glossy 5-track EP ‘From Seattle With Love’

Most of us are familiar with the popular site Fiverr, which allows freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide. Pop talent Laureli made use of that platform in a unique way. She wrote close to 300 songs for people, allowing her to make a living as an independent artist at just 17. It is that of kind creative ingenuity and drive that shaped her into the artist she is today. You can hear that same determined passion as she now releases her new EP From Seattle With Love.

The offering commences with the sugary treat “Donuts”. Through shiny production and a lush tone, the tasty track narrates the constant reminders of lost love. The upbeat, electro vibes of “Hiccups” suck you in. Showcasing shiny synths and energetic vocals, the danceable tune is a pure pulsating pleasure. “Get By” is the charismatic conclusion, bursting with bold vibrancy. This shimmering piece beautifully details overcoming hardships through vulnerability. Radiating with fiery soul, it is the ideal end to an astounding release.

Laureli aka Lauren moved from Seattle to Los Angeles to pursue singing and songwriting full-time. The EP is her final farewell to the Seattle music scene. From Seattle With Love features notable Seattle artists Dave B and SOL and is a collaboration with Seattle-based producer Samurai Del.

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