Lauren L'aimant delivers the extremely personal EP, 'Motions'

North West London-based artist Lauren L'aimant has quickly become one to watch on the electronic front. Her new EP, Motions, blends heady house beats with stratospheric vocals that produce a soulful, prismatic offering.

Opening with the dancefloor-filler, "One Night," the track's dazzling beats and vibrant tones is an injection of sonic power. Urging you to step out into freedom and hit those euphoric highs, the single's Berlin-influenced house undertones shine through with incredible force. On "Call Me Home," there's a blend of La Roux-come-London Grammar that runs throughout the track. It's an evocative moment into electronic transcendence, whilst "Forever Young" captures a more delicate sound of piano melodies and whirring atmospherics. It's an intimate exploration of Lauren's vocals, pushing them to the forefront to showcase that she's not simply just a female vocalist sitting atop an electro backbeat. 

With "Moonlight" offering the story of falling in love, it's a rousing single dripping in electro-pop goodness, while "Route 66" uncovers a gem in Lauren's musicality. The track effortlessly flows over a glimmering collection of electronics that promise to uplift. It's a soaring soundscape that makes you want to head to Ibiza immediately. 

Closing the EP with the dreamy, "Our Time," the EP revels in its collection of explorative sounds and unearths an artist that promises to continue to impress. Putting the EP together over four years, Lauren's time to shine is now. "Each song represents a particular moment within my relationships; the one that I missed out on. The one where I was consumed by lust. The one where I accepted the other person for who they truly are. The one where I took the burden. The one where it all ended. The one where I lost my brother," she explains. "When I listen to these songs, I’m transported back to those times, and I think about every motion and every [e]motion I went through at that time. As always, it's cathartic, and allows me to reflect on how far I’ve come, not only as a musician, but as a human being.”

Motions is not only a poignant moment in Lauren's artistic trajectory, but throughout it feels like a series of personal anecdotes. Disguised by the uplifting melodies and dance euphoria, there's a narrative lying throughout that is extremely honest. Lauren L'aimant has crafted something that very much ignites a flame in all of us. 

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