Lavender Beat Collective collaborate with Manish Nishad for “Take Care”

Worldbeat collective Lavender Beat Collective have just shared their latest single. Called “Take Care”, the single features acclaimed classical Indian bamboo flutist Manish Nishad.

With “Take Care”, Lavender Beat Collective writes a self love and self care anthem for the masses. Vocalist Tien Nguyen passionately sings, “I’ll take care of this / beautiful body / if it’s all I can do”, proclaiming to the universe how he will value himself and his all important health. Musically, “Take Care” blends pop and rock with classical Indian music. The deeply enthralling fusion of modern and traditional musical elements entices the listener with every note. Vivacious percussion underlays sprinkling keys and a penetrating and seductive soulful flute solo for an intoxicating musical release.

Lavender Beat Collective was founded in Long Beach, California by Tien Nguyn, an acclaimed vocalist and producer. His traveling journey brought him to Varanasi, India where he began to study under prolific musician Manish Nishad. After a month of instruction, Tien asked Manish to record on his new single “Take Care” and the result is a unique sonic offering. “Take Care” is the second single released following his debut offering “The Path”. Check out “Take Care” now and remember to always be well.

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