Lea G shares a charming new pop EP 'YOU(TH)'

Austrian-born artist Lea G speaks to the intense feelings you get from your first experiences with love in her new EP YOU(TH). The captivating four-track body of work provides listeners with a personal lens into her emotional world. The release focuses on themes of love, coming of age and self-discovery.

The offering commences with “Midyouth Crisis”. The infectious tune is all about struggling to face reality as you transition into adulthood. The song shines with upbeat guitars and fiercely passionate vocals. She sings of longing for those childhood memories before responsibilities got in the way.      

“Missing Out” is a soulful track detailing the challenges that come with having to work to support yourself. Her striking tone soars over a bold beat creating a unique standout piece. She admits, “I was missing out on the things I should be doing in my youth – going to parties, having fun and meeting new people instead of following my dream and working really hard on my music”.

All about the magic of young love, “Crazy” bursts with pure personality. It features steady electro guitars, gentle clicks and elevated synths. Illustrating the grand adventures that come with falling in love, listeners will also fall in love with the delightful track.

Lea G is now based in London and pursues her music fulltime. The talent is known for her relatable lyrics and memorable melodies. Inspired by Ed Sheeran and Florence and The Machine, her innovative pop style exudes an effortless air. This latest EP possesses that same carefree quality.           

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