Leah Kate lives through the actions of a “Bad Idea” in her latest pop anthem

Over a year ago, EARMILK covered the release of Leah Kate‘s then-latest single “So Good“, saying Leah’s vibes were “slick” and comprised of “glossy electronic synths and playful” sounds, well, that has not changed with the new release of Kate’s latest single “Bad Idea.”

Coming out of Los Angeles, Leah Kate returns with her first release of 2020, which sees her team up again with two well-known collaborators, Hayley Gene Penner and Louis Schoorl. Enhanced by her brightly modulated vocals, Kate’s relatable anthem sees her tackle the personal pursuit of forbidden love, through the use of hypnotizing drum beats and beautiful lyrics. 

Leah Kate continues to grow stronger as an artist and the fact that she takes time between releases to fine-tune her music isn’t a bad thing either. Her style, hard work, and dedication shows throughout the production of “Bad Idea.” 

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