Lecx Stacy Returns with Sonic Thriller, “Haunted Be Thy” [Music Video]

Los Angeles-based experimental producer and recording artist, Lecx Stacy has returned with another genre-bending sonic tapestry with “Haunted Be Thy.” The track follows Lecx’s debut project, Bundok–a deep dive into his Filipino culture and ethnic identity.

Throughout Bundok and the rest of his repertoire, Lecx has established his knack for immersive, world building production, constantly taking from and mixing different influences. Through this breadth of sounds he’s found so far the one binding sentiment may be a sense of disconnect or otherness created from his refusals of injustice and the uniqueness of the music that carries them. His perspective is always his own. Stacy’s resume also includes his 2020 EP, Face Plants, collaborations with Jean Dawson, and Isabella Lovestory.

“Haunted Be Thy” is another chapter in his production story-telling, this time setting its sites on heavy anxiety, losing friends, and searching for truth. In speaking on the track, Stacy shared how the track works in his relationship with his Catholic upbringing in saying, “I repurposed the Lord’s Prayer, and this song is my prayer to quell my inner fears and anxieties.”The track enters with little astral, reversed snippets leading the way into a pleading Lecx, firing off desperate lines like “All I have and all I am, a heavy heart and empty hands.”

The record builds urgently, breathlessly turning from requests to demands. It ends with what may be a soft resolution. Following “Good people have to fight to exist,” there’s a quick “we made it” before the track closes. 

“Haunted Be Thy” is available now. Make sure to stay up to date with new releases via the links below.

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