Leeds trio DENSE explore anguish on cathartic track "Reckoning"

Leeds garage-punk band DENSE journeys through anguish and anger in the cathartic track “Reckoning"—a fierce track with groove-led songwriting cut by sharp, glitchy rhythms. Tapping into their signature fuzzy rock sound that captures the pent-up energy of modern life as it pulls from the trio’s own frustrations during lockdown.

With a  brilliantly anthemic soundscape moved forward by unique melodic dissonance, the track which was written just after lockdown makes use of DENSE’s raucous, high-energy sound combined with organic emotions drawn from their individual experiences with isolation. Infused with rich riffs and powerful but raw songwriting, the three-piece craft music can soundtrack any daily life annoyance in an impactful release of emotions.

Consisting of Charlie Fossick (guitars and vocals), Dylan Metcalf (bass) and Sam Heffer(drums), DENSE who have thus far shared stages with the likes of Flat Worms and Prettiest Eyes, establish a unique identity in Rock led by unmatched energy.

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