leo. offers a sonic odyssey of personal evolution on ‘a new one’

Portuguese singer-songwriter leo. invites listeners on an intimate sonic journey through the past year of his life on much-anticipated second album a new one, bringing evocative melodies and deeply heartfelt lyrics. 

Coming alive as a treasure trove of emotions, the album weaves through universally relatable and candid narratives of evolution, emotions, love, and the ever-unfolding human experience.

From the introspective ballads of “Butterflies,” and “Piece of Mind,” to the melancholic energy of “Pretend,” and “Green,” the collection is expansive and diverse effortlessly capturing the essence of life’s peaks and valleys within a smooth blend of ethereal instrumentation and captivating vocals.

Expansive and evocative acoustic anthem “So Much,” stands out as a monumental climax as lush layers and heartfelt authenticity stretch right from beginning to end.

Serving as a profound reflection of Leo’s personal experiences and emotions, offering insight into his journey of rediscovering love and personal growth throughout the past year, a new one is a spellbinding sonic experience that showcases the rising artist’s growth while enveloping the listener in charm and blissful naivety.

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