Leonard Maassen shares radiant debut album ‘Inside Cycles’

Emerging talent Leonard Maassen shares radiant debut album Inside Cycles, taking us through vivid electronic soundscapes framed emotive but crisp production prowess.Across nine tracks Maassen weaves through  subjectivity in the digital worlds led by intricate sonics rooted in iridescent warped vocals, ethereal synth lead melodies, rhythmic percussion  and unique electronic textures to create an intense energy and divine atmosphere.

Speaking of the project, he says, With Inside Cycles, the focus is on shifting sound worlds. Every sound changes over time, all the musical elements are fluid and in motion. Contemporary technology allows us to constantly shift the characteristics of instruments, so we can create previously unheard musical textures not by changing the notes we hear, but by changing the sound of the notes as they reoccur. Exploring this principle, Inside Cycles is a solo record that takes you on a digital-psychedelic journey through intricate, evolving sound worlds.”

Drawing from organic sounds and the natural cycles of life, the album unfurls metaphors for emotional experiences tinged with polished musicality,  existential lyrics and a touch of intimacy.  

With a futuristic sonic identity founded upon the evolving possibilities of technology, Leonard Maassen continues to gain recognition as an innovative pioneer of electronic music. 

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