Letting Up Despite Great Faults tease an upbeat side to their music on "Corners Pressed"

Shoegaze outfit Letting Up Despite Great Faults showcases an upbeat and softer side to their usually gritty artistry on anthemic single “Corners Pressed,” taken of their upcoming album IV  which is their first in over eight years. With a dreamy soundscape built on a bed of swirling guitars and bass, the track is a blissful slice of escapism.

Led by poetic lyricism and crisp yet lulling vocals from frontman Mike Lee, “Corners Pressed,” features delicate pop melodies that point towards the quartet’s sonic maturation. Though firmly rooted in shoegaze, the track offers a glimpse of the group’s carefully and patiently honed sound which forms the crux of their new album.

Gentle and uplifting, despite being tinged with melancholia, this shimmering offering from Letting Up Despite Great Faults sees the four-piece consisting of Kent Zambrana on bass, Annah Fisette on vocals and guitars, and Daniel Schmidt on drums, alongside Lee, reinvent themselves as they set off on a journey that touches upon intimate stories of growth, nurture, loss, and regret.

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