LEVVELS' "Keep Me Alive" is fiery and romantic [Video]

Bicoastal electro pop trio LEVVELS fuse a sophisticated collage of 80s darkwave, heart-pumping synths and romance-dipped soul elements throughout their music, and their latest, "Keep Me Alive."  The band creates a captivating and unique sound of the future, while at the same time paying tribute to the unforgotten and cherished genres of past.

In LEVVELS' debut single and accompanying visuals for “Keep Me Alive,” the band explores the many intense and swirling emotions tied to love, when a close relationship sadly comes to an end. Featuring dreamy vocals dripping with sensuality, an obsessive high tempo dance beat, and a grandiose hook filled with passion and vigor, this song is both relatable and supercharged with energy that will have you heading straight to the dancefloor.

In their accompanying visuals for “Keep Me Alive,” the trio uses vivid imagery and symbolism to further emphasize the song’s theme of a waning relationship. Shot in black and white, the visuals are filled with provocative imagery, snakes, and other cleverly constructed elements that come together for an array of beautifully illustrated metaphors. BradleyDJ of the band confides, “‘Keep Me Alive’ is about the experience of wanting someone, feeling that you need to be with someone, but they have a different perspective on what they want from their experience with you. They give you enough to keep a connection, and you want more. One more kiss, one more touch, one more chance to ravage each other, but they want to keep things compartmentalized. We wanted the visuals to capture the intensity of lust, desire, emptiness, loneliness, infatuation, passion, and pain. MM Stallings did a phenomenal job in putting that together.”

LEVVELS is inspired by the sonic elements exhibited by artists such as Depeche Mode and Hot Fuss, and take the term “genre-bending” to a new level. The band writes and records alongside acclaimed producer duo HEAVY, who adds their signature sounds for a rather delightful and complementary effect.

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