Lex Leosis shares new EP 'Terracotta' and video for "That Feel" [Video]

Toronto-based queer emcee Lex Leosis unveils her new EP Terracotta which sees her working solely with producer Rainer Blanchaer. The 6-track release chronicles her experience during the lockdown from self recalibrating, self-love to inner peace. Leosis digs deep to put the different pieces of her life on wax while Blanchaer worked behind the boards to create the best backdrop to fit the narrative.

The EP opens up with the piano-laden "Khrys'," with a sublime melodic performance by Leosis. "Won't Wait" is a mid-tempo dance-infused cut that displays the rapper's versatile approach bridging catchy melodic hooks with vivid heartfelt verses that dwell on missing someone close to her. This is followed by the single "Wanted," a rousing guitar-driven jam ripe with vocal scratches, punchy drum grooves while Leosis throws caution to the wind with an "f the world" mentality.

The energy changes with the celebratory cut "That Feel" where she embodies who she truly is in every sense. Her sexuality is never in question as she doesn't try to sugarcoat her feelings to please the crowd so it's either you are rocking with her or not. On "Reality"  she embraces her newly found freedom from the daily mental constraints by acknowledging the small blessings and pushing self-love and positivity to the front. The acoustic-guitar-driven track is quite punchy and fits her blend of melodic raps to the brim. The project wraps up with "Hold Yah Down," a smooth r&b infused jam comprised of soulful keys, warm basslines, and funky drum grooves that augment the feel-good vibes and evocative love-soaked lyrics. Leosis pours adulation on that special someone in her life as she is willing to do whatever to make them happy.

"That Feel" gets a solid summery visual treatment courtesy of directors Yohalmo and Sharleen Meinke who help shoot the videos in Los Angeles and Toronto respectively. It's a nice blend of performance shots of the rapper and a plethora of skateboarding moves by the LA longboard community in Venice beach.

Get the entire EP here.

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