LEXI shares hypnotizing pop single “solo.”

Canadian musician LEXI has dropped off a vibrant new single called “solo.”. Despite being only her second release on DSPs, “solo.” showcases much focus and poise in its songwriting, presenting a heavily catchy track packed with much sonic vibrancy. A multi-talented artist, LEXI is a songstress, writer, DJ, and actress, whose eclectic interests influence her sound, which incorporates elements of pop, dance, and electronica. Of Lebanese descent, the singer currently resides in England, where she continues to work out of her studio, crafting infectious, colorful releases such as her latest, “solo.”.

“solo.” contains tropical-sounding synths that drift atop crisp, bouncy percussion, giving the song an undeniable stylishness and catchy charisma. A confident offering packed with rich vocals and airy, sleek production, “solo.” is a club-ready track that uplifts with its summery, breezy sound. Capped off by a memorable hook, “solo.” is an addictive cut that follows up her previous single “mirrors.”, which made for more of a ballad with its emotive sound and slower pace.

“solo.” is the latest from Canada’s LEXI and only her second release on DSPs, and it provides a charming, upbeat pop offering containing a refreshingly brisk pace.

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