LEXXE dares you to dance in new single “Joyride” [Video]

LEXXE is the type of pop star that’s unconstrained by any one sound or easily imitable pop mold and that’s more so evident in her new dark-dance single “Joyride.” This latest track mixes sinister pop undertones with a dance nucleus that harkens to the days of EDM’s U.S. early-millenium glory. LEXXE’s silky voice glides with finesse across the song’s thumping choruses, which are driven by a pulsing bassline and such nimble drumming as to create the track’s intoxicating rhythm.

The new music video for “Joyride” sets a gritty aesthetic that borders on the gothic and pays tribute to the artist’s background as a classically trained ballerina. Each shot is short but filled with a mysticism that supplements the song’s urgency, edge, and lasting impression. The lyrics of “Joyride” recall a love fast and furious, yet another element that fuels the pace of the song and keeps the listener immersed in the trance of the dance and then the soul-catching is complete.

Long Island’s LEXXE is not shy about adding sharp edges to her music, daring listeners to dance, and submerge themselves at their own peril: emotions and memories are bound to be evoked in the daze of movement, in euphoric celebration of dangerous love. As the debut single off her upcoming fall EP, “Joyride” is just the type of drive that carries us from the heat of the summer into the spiritualism of the fall, and LEXXE is steadfast behind the wheel.

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