LGBTQ+ alt-rock talent America Jayne drops debut EP ‘Homecoming’

Brooklyn bubblegrunge rock act America Jayne delivers debut EP Homecoming, a five-track collection delving into themes of nostalgia, growing up, heartbreak, and loss of innocence. Unfolding as a coming-of-age tale, the record breaks down every stage of a relationship within its anthemic instrumentation swinging between pop-punk and alt-rock.

First track “Scaredy Cat,” highlights Jayne’s bold vocals framed by anthemic guitar riffs before moving into minimalistic instrumentation and stripped back vocals of “Open Casket,” unveiling her desire to connect with someone, which then stretches into vulnerability in the first stages of a relationship on soothing “Philly.”

The angst is kicked up several notches on the explosive rock number “Dehisce,” detailing a destructive break-up, finally coming to a close with the quiet touches of “Homecoming,” an acoustic instrumental falling away into the background to allow her soft, raw vocals to shine through.

NYC-based rocker Erica Pierce under the moniker of America Jayne has established herself as a LGBTQ alt-rock, carving a space for herself in Brooklyn’s DIY scene. Framed by romanticism as well as intimate messages of the ups and downs of love, the EP came to life while Pierce was laid up with a broken ankle in 2021. Nursing her broken foot, each note she crafted also made to be a balm to broken hearts.

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