Lhēon drops track, “I Hate The Way That I Love You,” on conflicting human emotions [Video]

Swedish born, Melbourne based singer-songwriter Lhēon offers a delicate exploration of human emotions on “I Hate The Way That I Love You,” a track which strips away the “angry heartbreak girl” side of the rising star’s artistry to reveal something far quieter and more vulnerable.

Opening with haunting keys that quickly give away to a thrumming bass, Lhēon’s husky and emotive vocals form the heart of the track, produced by Lee Bradshaw. Delving into the conflicting emotions which can overtake your ability to think straight, “I Hate The Way That I Love You,” serves as a reminder of our humanity.

Powerful and relatable to many, with the message that we all make mistakes, the track shines a light on Lhēon’s versatility, underpinned by a consistently expressive vocal delivery that elevates all her music to new levels. Reminiscing on the writing process for the track, she said, “During one of our writing sessions, my producer started playing the song on the piano, singing it back to me. I was hooked instantly; I knew straight away that this is a song I needed to sing. The pace of the song and the unexpected twists and turns – I loved it.”

Tinged equally with nostalgia and catharsis, “I Hate The Way That I Love You,” taken from Lhēon’s new EP, Full Disclosure Pt. II, spans a wide range of musical styles from electro pop to neo-soul. Shaping this eclectic collection of sounds, with brutally honest takes on family heartbreak, relationship struggles and yearning, this rising star has slowly but surely established a musical niche, that not only belies her own age with its wisdom but speaks to listeners of all ages.

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