Libby T brings power back to heartbreak on “Good Thing”

Rising R&B artist Libby T brings power back to heartbreak and grief in relationships on soulful production “Good Thing,” which smoothly marries her heartfelt R&B vocals with emotive and self-reflective lyricism.

Using lockdown to hone her artistry, Libby’s latest foray unveils her ability to forge connections with anyone listening through relatable themes crafted with an intimate yet universally resonant touch, delivering therapeutic soundscapes supported by encouragement and comfort.

Developing her sonic presence as an inspiration to young women everywhere, Libby T has established herself as an act who provides solace when we’re going through hard times. Offering us one infectious release after another, she draws from her own struggles and lends a hand to anyone else who needs it to leaves us feeling like everything is going to be okay.

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