LightNife search for meaning on new track “Lost In My Head”

Dublin outskirts-based hip-hop trio LightNife have a lot to say on their new track “Lost In My Head”. 

This trio have been extremely busy since their debut in 2019. A series of singles capped off with their Afterhours debut album, LightNife have really been putting in hard work and graft to get a foothold and establish themselves as a must see act on an island filled to brim with them. 

This new single see’s the trio in their most comfortable pocket as of yet. “Lost In My Head” see’s the boys find a place at home in the pop/rap lane. The electric guitar strumming is by far the lead instrument on this track with it being backed with an extremely basic but effective rhythmic section. Special attention to be paid the shimmering, glossy hi-hat which could be considered a signature sound from the group. The addition of layered, high-pitch vocals gives the chorus the necessary lift at just the right time. 

The main thing to focus on here is the chemistry. The chorus is a true moment for the record and it’s clear that LightNife understand the concept of a popping chorus. The ear for melodies and cadence is clear to see in the hook. The verses are an excellent example of pen game in Irish hip-hop. The lyrics are not only relatable but they are also quotable. It’s quite clear LightNife are onto something here and they are on the verge of an evolutionary period that could see them rise through the ranks of the Irish scene at a rapid rate. 

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