Lil Durk ‘fucks the streets up’ one more time on “All Love” [Video]

Hailing from the SouthSide of Chicago, Lil Durk continues to be a rapper that does not shy away from getting deep and personal with listeners. Because of his ability to be transparent about his emotions and past traumas, he is respected by many from the hoods to the hills and his success reflects that.

This past weekend, the Chicago native dropped the visual for his newest track “All Love”, detailing the harsh reality of growing up in the streets. Throughout the video, we get a look into the rapper’s monetary success with clips of fancy cars and iced out watches. But what makes Durk stand out is his ability to tell a vivid story through his lyrics while remaining authentic to himself as a 27-year-old man that made something out of nothing. It doesn’t feel like he’s exaggerating his past experiences, though he doesn’t downplay the impact his past has had on his new reality. At the beginning of the video, we see Lil Durk chilling in the car with his homies. “I should fuck the streets up one more time with a pain song,” he says most calmly. And he did just that on “All Love”.

[Verse 2 Lil Durk:]
I was fucked up in the trenches, I ain’t even know what a Rollie was
I used to look up to this n*gga, but he gave his homie up
‘Cause his daughter twelve years old, he gotta go do twenty-one
And I don’t fuck with no fuck n*ggas, so these n*ggas don’t owe me nothin’
Grown n*ggas act like kids, actin’ like they Benjamin Button
Put my own fee down for my lawyer, that shit was twenty-one-hundred
Had to detail with my dawg and he still wasn’t comin’
With his gun or without his gun, I say he still not runnin’

If you want a front seat to Lil Durk’s come-up from the SouthSide of Chicago, check out the music video “All Love” above.

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