Lil’ Kapow checks in with his aggressively charged new single, “Murder Song”

Throughout the formative years of hip-hop, artists like Three 6 Mafia, Tech N9ne and more made their bones by creating lyrically controversial songs that touched on topics like satanism, murder and just horror in general, while in recent years, artists like $uicideboy$ have taken the sound to new heights. Hailing from Colorado, rising rapper Lil’ Kapow has also been developing his sound and in turn, taking the sub-genre in different directions, sonically. Looking to display his progression, he checks in with his engaging new single, “Murder Song.”

Produced by avgotdrip, “Murder Song” sounds exactly like what the title infers. Employing heavy bass, thumping drum patterns and eerie synths, “Murder Song” sounds like the record you play after you’ve committed the crime and you want to sit and reflect on it. Showcasing his knack for quirky lyricism through lines like, “I’m in her ear like Mikey Tyson,” and “He can’t flex, I shot him in the bicep,” Kapow proves his ability to keep the listener engaged, which is probably his most important quality. After garnering interest through memes and funny videos, he proves that he has taken his development seriously, as he’s rounding into an artist to keep your ear on.

Listen to the single below and get hip to Lil’ Kapow.

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