Lil Mota shares a banger new single, “Conditioned by Society”

Las Vegas native music artist Lil Mota shares a banger new single, “Conditioned by Society,” a high-energy track that sets Lil Mota apart from his peers. With his heavy bass and rhythm overflowing with each single he puts out. 

Following his previously released single “Faith,” Lil Mota’s stunning unique flow and catchy hooks are displayed on “Conditioned by Society.” The lyrics of “Conditioned by Society,” reflect on everything he faced growing up on a planet where he didn’t feel like he belonged. It showcases his ability to rhyme fast while delivering cohesive flows from his inspirations to replying to haters. His flows and lyrical content regarding his harder-hitting music are unmatched. 

Stream Lil Mota’s new song, “Conditioned by Society,” on Spotify.

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