Lila Drew releases the cosy, folk-hued single "Crystal Ball"

Singer-songwriter Lila Drew releases her cosy, folk-hued single "Crystal Ball". Built upon an elegant percussive backdrop, the single entices us further into the world of the Drew's evocative artistry with a sickly sweet coax. 

Met instantly with her dreamy vocals and a placid guitar melody, the eery echoing effect to her voice harnesses the track's intent to vocalise emotion. Her compelling songwriting shines through as the single unravels into a narrative dissecting the uncertainty of the world around her. Whilst "Crystal Ball" navigates through a tapestry of delicate acoustic sonics, its tenderness lies with the enriching textures that build together to form a weighted bond. 

Telling us more about the recording processes of the single, Drew says: "There’s a lot of frustration in it – I remember going to the studio with Jordan Reyes, who produced this song, and wanting to yell into the mic. That was something I’d never done before. All of the vocals I’d ever recorded had been so soft, for the sake of hiding my own fears underneath reverb and delay… The background vocals in Crystal Ball are all first takes of me just screaming the song from across the room, the mic picking up only the loudest frequencies. It’s maybe as sincere as I get. It’s a special sort of feeling."

Drawing inspiration from Joni Mitchell and Van Morrison, it's clear that these artists have had an impact on her trajectory. Her rawness and honesty thrives in the folk-tinged environment that "Crystal Ball" delivers and it's this wisdom within her youth that gifts Drew the opportunity to be the greatest.

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