Lindon raps a letter to his “Queen” [Video]

The conscious Brooklyn rapper Lindon is back with another powerful visual called “Queen” from his project Ego vs. Soul. Dropping on Mother’s Day, “Queen” is the perfect anthem to empower all the women out there along with the future generation. 

With consistency and sheer artistry, Lindon has never failed to drop music that will elevate your soul. Recently, he released a project called Long Distance with RJAY that both opened our minds and heightened our spirituality. Ego vs. Soul did just that as well and the accompanying visual is a spectacular representation of higher consciousness awakening. 
The title “Queen” was impeccably chosen, showing that all women are in fact royalty and deserve crowns. Through beautiful songwriting, Lindon poetically raps to the heart of every woman by emphasizing important messages, such as self-love and self-acceptance. The soul-triggering lyrics combined with a visual that depicts a wide demographic of women stress the importance of realizing the perfection in flaws. Wisely demonstrating authenticity and rawness, these various women sing along to the words and inspire others. The calming boom-bap beats are a great addition that provide a relaxing feeling. Press play to remind yourself that every single woman is a “Queen.” 
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