Little League triumphs on the electric “Not My Ex”

The multi-talented Indianapolis-based artist Little League offers a humble discography full of dextrous nuances of buoyant hip-hop, effervescent EDM, mid-00s R&B-pop, and contemporary pop. His latest release “Not My Ex” serves as both his first single of 2020 as well as the end of a brief hiatus he took after the stratospheric success of his Spinnin’ Records collaboration with Madison Mars, “New Vibe Who Dis.” With a debut project still on the horizon, consider the stage set for an unpredictable foray woven together by his distinct personality and presence.


A snappy, shimmering production in “Not My Ex”  lays a dutiful foundation for a charming and concise delivery for messages of modern empowerment and delivered in Little League’s unmistakable, tongue-in-cheek style. “It’s one thing to talk about past relationships. It’s another to only talk about past relationships… So I wrote this song so I could bite my tongue a little while longer” he elucidates in the email press release. “‘Not My Ex’ is less about the other person, and more about respecting yourself;” 

“Not My Ex” is out now via Oxford Coffee Tuesdays Music.

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