Liv Ritchie & Brenna D'Amico team up for "Don't Want You Back" [Video]

I’m sure we all have some interesting stories about how we met some of our friends. Well the tale of friendship for Liv Ritchie & Brenna D'Amico surely takes the cake. Their single "Don't Want You Back", illustrates a love gone sour and the way it deeply connected them. The two met at a party and quickly hit it off, both opening up about their boy troubles. The more they talked, the girls began to realize their accounts were eerily similar. Turns out, they just happened to be dating the same guy.

With fast-paced rhythms and an irresistible pop melody this tune is the perfect anthem for taking back control after a breakup. It also highlights the unshakable bond of true friendship. The accompanying video depicts their plan to get revenge on a guy. They do this by throwing a wild party while house sitting at his place. In this playful piece you see them go from being upset to joyfully dancing around. They are determined to have a goodtime despite dealing with heartbreak.

Brenna D'Amico is known for being an actress, TikToker and influencer. Chicago native  Liv Ritchie is an singer-songwriter on the rise. Together the joined forces to concoct this highly infectious track. The pair reveals, “Writing this song was super healing for the both of us, the best part is the friendship that came from it. Honestly, it was so meant to be. We definitely have each other's backs from here on out."

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